Our Thinking

Transitioning to a Culture of Fundraising

When we see not-for-profits with a long history of flat-lined revenue – particularly when they exist in growing metropolitan areas – the first question we ask is ‘why’?

Often, it’s just a simple case of over-reliance on traditional funding methods, combined with a lean operations approach – but when the population is growing, and funding isn’t, it’s fair game to question the effectiveness of the board to navigate changes in the environment.

The first step is recognizing the situation:

flatlining revenues, creeping expenses, and auditor notices are just symptoms that something larger is taking place (or not, as the case may be).

Once it’s clear that there’s opportunity to shift, the real work can begin.

Here’s a framework to help evaluate and prioritize transitioning toward a culture of fundraising:

If fundraising is a priority for your organization, we’d welcome an informal conversation.