The Million Steps Campaign

Solvitur Ambulando

That’s the latin phrase for ‘it is solved by walking’ – a phrase that’s been attributed to numerous people over the years, from St. Augustine, Dante, and many others.  It seems somehow particularly suited to these troubled times.

With millions of people displaced by war, the lingering effects of a deadly pandemic, medical-system backups affecting countless people, and numerous unresolved social issues, clearly, there are plenty of problems to be solved.

Walking, we can raise funds to put toward solving some of these problems – however modestly.

The Million Steps Campaign is an easy fundraiser that any not-for-profit can adopt and make their own – simply by getting involved:

  • There’s no cost, no processing fees (sponsorships flow to and through your organization, not us)
  • Build community, recruit walkers, and most important – recruit sponsors – how you do that is entirely up to you
  • Use the calculator below to design your own campaign – and determine your own potential

How does it work?

  1. Starting in May, we’ll be walking 800 km.  At 1350 steps/km, we expect to hit just over 1,000,000 steps later in the summer, early in the fall.
  2. Use this 1,000,000 steps/800km as a ‘leg up’ to set your own campaign – and add additional walkers from your network.
  3. You can use this as an opportunity to raise funds – 100% for your not-for-profit.
  4. Promote sponsorships, and collect 100% of the proceeds.
  5. Offer sponsorship packages – you set the terms: $1/km, $500 for completing the whole distance, $.01/step – or even a fraction of a penny per step, or a set dollar-amount per week – whatever you decide!
  6. We pay our own expenses, and keep you updated on our progress via email or social media – so that you can keep your sponsors engaged.

What does our not-for-profit get?

  1. A campaign page, including a step-thermometer
  2. If you recruit 250 sponsors, you stand to gain about $15,000 (work your own estimate below)
  3. …the rest is up to you (as you’ll be setting the terms, and receiving payment)

Where is the walk?

The walk will take place in multiple locations across Alberta, Ontario, and elsewhere – including your community.

Who’ll be walking?

  • Members of our team, who for purposes of the promotion will become ad hoc volunteers or committee members with your organization

What’s your potential?

Summarize it for our Board:

  1. An activity is taking place, whether we participate or not.
  2. All we have to do is recruit sponsors
  3. If we recruit 250 sponsors, we stand to gain roughly $16K
  4. If we recruit more sponsors, and add our own participants, the potential is higher.
  5. Funds flow directly to us, without overhead.

Let’s talk about how you can use the ‘power of the footstep’ to raise funds for your not-for-profit!