Marketing Strategy

The Irony of Small Not-for-Profits

Is your mission statement forcing you to bite-off too much?

It’s a common situation that evolves over time, as the mission is adjusted to meet the times and the requirements of the major funders of the day.

The challenge is that the broader the mission statement, the greater the service mandate of the organization, and by extension, the greater its funding requirements.

The irony is that small not-for-profits generally really want to deliver these services, but get hamstrung by a lack of resources.

And the cycle keeps repeating itself, until the problem is rectified.

If your not-for-profit has an appetite to change the cycle, the tool below will help you analyze your mission statement with a critical eye, determine where your services are being delivered, and where your funds are going.

The next step in the process of course, is to assess fundraising, and how it aligns with the mission.

Key questions that’ll need to be addressed will relate to scope of the mission, funds needed to address it.

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