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Powering Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns often begin quietly, with private conversations with high value prospects, and a focus on executing an effective major donor campaign.

After key metrics are achieved in this stealth mode, an announcement or two is generally made, and the campaign adds a second track to its major donor development: public engagement.

This second track runs in parallel with the major donor campaign, as the campaign is managed toward its target.

The process evolves similar to this outline (over-write with your data):

If you’re planning a capital campaign – or are partway through – Givepath can help you accelerate your outcomes, by:

  1. Identifying prospects
  2. Engaging prospects during the public phase of your campaign, via:
  • auctions
  • crowdfunding
  • planned giving
  • one-time giving
  • events
  • securities donations
  • and retail partnerships

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