Donor Engagement Fundraising Strategy

Just. Say. Thanks.

Quick question: if someone donated $300 to your not-for-profit, how would your Agency respond (not-counting the auto-response receipt and accompanying templated thank you letter)?

  1. Would the $300 warrant a personal call from someone, expressing appreciation for the gift?
  2. Would the $300 merit a personal email from someone, expressing genuine thanks?
  3. …or would the $300 fail to clear the minimum cutoff for contact-worthiness, and the contact just enters your CRM for an annual email-blast requesting another donation?

If the answer is anything other than #1, besides having incredibly bad manners, your organization is:

  1. Failing to qualify this donor, who is clearly signalling her ability to donate more (ie, why $300 and not $200? – or $100…it’s a signal).
  2. Leaving money on the table, likely at scale.

If you’re struggling to meet your fundraising targets, instead of looking forward with a bold new strategy…take a few minutes and look backward: examine the contact records of all of those folks in your community who stepped-up for you and quite-possibly received an auto-response in return.

…if you haven’t had a system of expressing genuine, non-automated gratitude, you’ll find that this is a terrific place to start.